Penis size is one of the biggest concerns to most men, for obvious reasons. For this reason, you’ll find a good number of men online looking for ways to enhance the size of their junk. And whoever said that you can find anything you are looking for on the Internet didn’t lie. Those looking for penile enlargement options will always find a tone of ads online marketing pills, creams, and other supplements that are marketed as being the go-to solutions for this task. But we are here today to tell you that it is a lie and most of these products do not work. The only products that have been proven to work are penis extenders. In this article, we’ll give you facts on why pills and creams do not work, educate you on the science behind penile extension devices, and recommend the best penis extenders.


Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

The answer is a big NO! Pills claimed to have the ability to increase the size of a consumer’s penis do not work.

Experts in the field of urology can testify to the fact that there has never been a pill, cream, or supplement that has been proven to increase the size of a man’s penis. These pills do not work because of a number of reasons, the main one being the anatomy of the male body and what happens when a man has an erection.

The penis contains spongy tissue inside it that fill with blood causing an erection when you get aroused. It is this tissue that determines the size of your penis in an erection. Sadly, this tissue is fixed to the pelvic bone and cannot be easily changed in terms of size. What this means for a majority of men is the length of penis they achieve through puberty becomes their maximum length.

Therefore, using a penis enlargement pill won’t actually make you bigger, but it will only increase the blood flow to the already existing spongy erectile tissue, which mean you’ll get erect quicker.

What About Penis Extenders?

Other than the numerous positive reviews from those who’ve used them, there are scientific facts that prove that penis extenders actually do work. We’ve discussed some of them below.

Science Behind Penis Extenders

Numerous studies have been conducted on the use of penile size extension devices. Most of them indicate that these devices work and could provide a viable alternative to surgery. If used according to the instructions, these devices can increase a man’s flaccid penile length by 32 percent and his erect penile size by 36 percent. The best thing about penis extenders is there results are durable.

So if you were looking for a legitimate penis enlargement product, you now know that extenders are the best option. Below are three of the best penile extension products that also come highly-recommended:

1. Quick Extender Pro

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There are so many reasons why you should use Quick Extender Pro. This premium penile extension device is made of high-quality medical grade materials that make it resistant to damage and light in weight. It also comes with easy to read and understand instructions that make the concept of penis extension simple and straightforward.

Once you receive the product, using it and setting yourself on the path towards achieving your goals is easy thanks to the simple instructions that come with it. The Quick Extender Pro manufacturers have also nailed it in the areas of ordering, delivery, warranty, and customer services as they continuously and individually deliver on the needs of the customers.

Also, you get to enjoy value for every cent you spend on purchasing this product. Not only does each package of the QEP come with numerous accessories to set you straight on the path towards achieving the goals you desired, but the brand also offers this product in different models that can fit every budget.

Comfort is another feature of this product that makes it one of the best extenders on the market today. It has been proven without a doubt that extenders are the best solution for recreational enlargement and medical penis rehabilitation. However, you can either achieve the results you desired or fail to do so when you use these devices. But the main factor that can contribute to how much you’ll gain or how fast you’ll achieve your gains is how comfortable it feels when wearing the extender.

The how fast and how much gains you’ll achieve is mainly determined by the number of hours in a day you get to wear the extender — the more the time, the faster and greater the gains are. This means that what you need is a device that is comfortable to wear, and the Quick Extender Pro is one such device.

2. Phallosan

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Another penis extender that comes highly recommended is Phallosan Forte. What’s unique and most noticeable about this extender is it does not have those extension rods that other similar devices have. Wearing extenders with extension rods for a long period is very uncomfortable, which is something most users complain about. It is possible to wear Phallosan Forte while going to bed since it is easy to put on and very comfortable.

Other than being comfortable, you can completely hide the Phallosan Forte under your clothing when wearing it. This feature makes this device totally unique from other products as they cannot be worn without being easy noticeable even under heavy clothing. On top that, this device is FDA-approved, which is a factor that a majority of other extenders do not share.

As a cautious individual, you probably want assurances that the brand of penis extender you are buying will help you achieve the gains you desire. However, it isn’t easy to tell for sure how many inches you’ll after using such a product since it is determined by whether or not you are new to penis enlargement and also your potential to grow. If this is your first time using a penis extender, expect gains of about 3 inches if you use the Phallosan Forte for long enough. But if you’ve worn this device, the it is possible to achieve even higher gains.

3. SizeGenetics System

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SizeGenetics System is an award winning penis enlargement device that also comes with pictures and videos that teach you on how to use this product to improve your ejaculation power, increase your sexual stamina, encourage penis growth, and more. This device is made of high quality materials and has been proven to help users gain 1-3 inches of penis length and girth.

This product comes with a SizeGenetics deluxe travel case, free shipping worldwide, free spare parts worth US$89.95, risk-free 6 months money back guarantee, and free DVDs on massage techniques and sex positions.

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy after using SizeGenetics System are:

– Straightening of any unwanted penile curvature

– Better sexual endurance

– Permanent increase in flaccid and erect penis girth and length

– Harder penile erections

For those asking themselves if this device is credible, the answer is yes. There are numerous medical doctors and satisfied customers who have endorsed SizeGenetics System, it has been featured in GQ Magazine and BBC TV’s Jonathan Ross Show, and clinically tested and proven in a scientific study. These and many more factors are proof that SizeGenetics is a trustworthy and very credible penis enlargement product. But if you need more reasons why you should order this device, here are some of them:

– You’ll enjoy a risk-free, 100% cashback guarantee

– A $50 credit crunch discount

– Enjoy value for your money with exclusive freebies such as guides, ebooks, and erotic DVDs

– Enjoy ease of use and comfort with this product

– Enjoy unmatched after-shave services

– Grow your penis girth and length in a safe and effective way