5 Tips How To Keep Your Passport Safe During Your Travels

You really do not need the stress to lose or destroy your passport while traveling. And imagine how much more that stress is if your country’s consulate is not in the city where you are. Therefore, let’s work on prevention.

Pay attention to what’s happening around you

Since most of the robberies are happening in an environment that’s right for it, pay attention to what’s happening around you. Wherever you are, at the hotel, in line for customs, on an airplane, anywhere – be aware that at any moment someone can use your negligence.

Leave a passport at the hotel

Although the passport is the only identification document you have abroad, there will surely be no need to carry it with you anywhere. Your second document is a driver’s license, but also a copy of the passport, so it’s not a bad idea to do it before the trip, and only carry the copy with you.

Check out where your passport is

From time to time, see if your passport is in the place in the bag you intended for.

Buy a fanny pack

Fortunately, it’s back in fashion! An ideal place to put documents and money.

Do not put it in your luggage

What if you want to check your luggage on your gat, and you forget the passport inside? The passport must always be at hand.

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