Getting Around Tanzania

Rail and road transportation are mainly used to move around Tanzania. Plane services are also offered.


Domestic flights are considered to be expensive in Tanzania. Larger towns are connected with flights operated by Precision Air and Air Tanzania. Coastal Aviation operated flights to the islands of Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar. There is a departure tax for all flights.


Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) operates the main railway route in Tanzania. This route is between Dar es Salaam and eastern Tanzania. The second important route is operated by Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) and it goes from Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Moshi in Zambia. Trains are often overcrowded.


Cheap bus services are operated between larger places in the country. The main operator is Scandinavia Express. Buses are air-conditioned and with toilets.

Public transportation is provided by buses and minibuses in Dar es Salaam.


Major roads are in good condition, but minor roads are impassable during the rain season in April and May. Traffic drives on the left. Speed limits are: 80-120 km/h on open roads and 60 km/h in populated areas.

Self-drive and vehicles with drivers are available for rent in Dar es Salaam. Car rentals are considered as expensive.


Ferry services from Dar es Salaam to the island of Zanzibar are provided by many companies. One of the main operators is Azam Marine. The journey time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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