What to see in Oman?

Oman is an Arab country located in the middle east, on the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the those travel places you remember for life once visiting. We decided to give you a list of the best places and must see things in Oman and its capital Muscat.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum of Oman is housing a collection of exhibits which represent the country’s flora and fauna. The museum was opened in 1985. There are various species including insects, birds, mammals and a huge skeleton of a sperm whale which was discovered approximately 30 years ago. Oman’s flora is represented in the botanical gardens which house different plant species from around the country.
Address: Ministry of Heritage and Culture complex, Al Khuwair

Working hours: Saturday to Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm

Admission: adults BZS 500 (around $13), children over 6 years old BZS 200 ($5.2), children under 6 BZS 100 ($2.6)

Website: http://www.omanet.om/english/tourism/entert/museums.asp?cat=tour&subcat=entert1

Omani Museum

Omani Musem, also known as Omani French Museum is located in the former residence of Bait Faransa who was a French consul in Oman. Museum’s collection features exhibits about the relationship between Oman and France through different periods. Clothes, furniture, photographs and many historical documents are part of the collection. The museum opened its doors in 1992.
Address: Lane 9310, Qasr Al Alam Street

Working hours: Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm (from October to March 31st from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm)

Admission: adults BZS 500 ($13), children from 6 to 12 years old BZS 200 ($5.2)

Website: http://www.omanet.om/english/tourism/entert/museums.asp?cat=tour&subcat=entert1

Children Museum

Children Museum in Oman in Oman’s capital city, Muscat was opened in 1990 for the celebration of the 20th National Day of Oman. This science museum houses many interactive exhibits which allow children to learn about science through live demonstrations and experiments. The museum is extends on around 10,000 square meters and its collection is divided into three parts: Observation, Human Life and Physics.
Address: Sultan Qaboos Street

Working hours: from Saturday to Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm

Admission: adults BZS 500 (around $13), children under 12 years old BZS 100 ($2.6)

Website: http://www.omanet.om/english/tourism/entert/museums.asp?cat=tour&subcat=entert1

Oil and Gas Museum

Oil and Gas Exhibition Center is a museum in Muscat and it opened its doors in 1995. The museum was a donation of the national oil exploitation company, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Museum’s collection presents the use of fossil fuels in Oman through history and trough interactive approach shows the ways it is extracted and used. In 2000, a planetarium was built next to the museum.
Address: Seih Al Maleh Street, Al-Qurum

Working hours: from Saturday to Wednesday 7am to 12pm and from 1pm to 3:45pm, Thursday from 8am to 12pm

Admission: free

Website: http://www.omanet.om/english/tourism/entert/museums.asp?cat=tour&subcat=entert1

Muscat Gate Museum

The Muscat Gate Museum is located in Alsaidiya Street in the city of Muscat in Oman.
The museum has been opened in 2001, and it contains exhibits and displays about
Oman’s history since Neolith times to present. It has a number of special exhibits on Muscat’s water springs, the ancient wells, underground channels, the souks, houses, mosques, harbors and forts. The museum exhibits are truly fascinating, and they give a deep understanding about the city’s sometime turbulent past.

Address: Muttrah Corniche on Al Bahari Road at way number 8845

Working hours: Saturday – Thursday from 9.30 11.30am and 4.30 – 7pm

Admission: Free

Jabal Shams

Jabal Shams is a mountain situated in the northeastern Oman, just north of the
Al Hamra town and it is a popular sightseeing place, 240km from Muscat.
Jabal Shams, is highest mountain in the country, and it is part of the Al Hajar
Mountains range. The favorable weather conditions atop the summit are refreshingly cooler than most regions in the Middle East and Oman, which can be an escape of relief in the very warm summer months.

Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat is a natural park with majestic views of waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves, wildlife and lush green vegetation. There is a 100 meter waterfall and many cave chambers with old stalactites and stalagmites. The caves were used by the shepherds as shelter and one can see colored paintings of animals on the cave walls. At the end of the Wadi, there is a cave which is considered to be the largest natural cave in Oman.

Wadi Al-Hoqain

Wadi Al-Hoqain is a river which lies near the Rostoq town, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the region. Few other places in Oman are endowed with such a bountiful concentration of mineral springs — some gentle, burbling streams, others a gushing torrent. Together with the splendid pools and waterfalls characteristic of this remote settlement, they have made a little oasis paradise of Al Hoqain amid the bleakness of the surrounding hilly countryside.

Stay tuned for more stuff about Oman, and some additional info about its National Parks.

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